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ALL 4 Metamorph is a registered SACE service provider (PR 13064).  ALL 4 Metamorph presents CPTD courses, duration 2 hours earning 5 CPTD points per educator (level 1-4).  Metamorph poses to be an identifiable character, independent of gender and race, to help educators to face reality and take action to change in the school setting and in their personal life.  We are a type 3 provider, which means we are approved by SACE as an externally initiated provider.


SACE Approved Provider status means that a provider:

  • Has met SACE’s criteria for approval of providers
  • Has signed up to SACE’s Code of Good Practice for providers
  • Is fit to offer professional development activities endorsed by SACE
  • Agrees to offer only activities with Professional Development (PD) points value that are endorsed by SACE
  • Will provide SACE with lists of successful teacher participants in endorsed activities
  • Agrees to feedback from participants and monitoring by SACE
  • Is approved for a three-year period, subject to renewal


  • Compulsory for Educators 2016 - SA Educators’ outcome are  lifelong learning to improve their knowledge, skills & keep updated with new research
  • 3 types of PD Activities - Educators must earn their PD Points from each of 3 types
  • Each educator - expected to achieve >150 PD points on Account in (3 year cycle)
  • Encourage Excellence (3 year cycle) - Gold>300, Silver 200 – 299 & Bronze 150 - 199
  • Better equipped – SA Educators will impact on learner performance
  • CPTD Non-compliance – deregistered in 2019


SACE and Professional Development

  • SACE is the South African Council for Educators, a body established by law to uphold the teaching profession.
  • SACE registers all professional educators, ensures that all educators conduct themselves professionally, and manages a system for the promotion of continuing professional development of all teachers in South Africa.
  • The term ‘educator’ refers to all SACE-registered school-based educators. The CPTD Management System is available for educators in schools.

Professional Development

  • Like all professionals, educators need to grow their knowledge and skills throughout their careers.
  • Like all professions, teaching requires deep knowledge which is continuously updated and widened, and it involves complex skills that need to be continually adapted to new circumstances.
  • Because educators are entrusted by parents with profound responsibilities, educators need to continuously strengthen their capacity to help children along the path of learning, understanding and development.
  • Educators need to continuously renew their commitment to their profession, to express their pride in its ideals of service, their dedication to our children’s development and their determination to contribute to a just and thriving nation.

One of SACE’s main functions:

  • Is to promote and facilitate the professional development of educators, in particular the CPTD Management System.
  • “If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it.” CPTD stands for Continuing Professional Teacher Development.
  • The CPTD Management System is a new system for encouraging and recognizing educators’ professional development.
  • It is managed by SACE with the support of the Department of Basic Education, the nine Provincial Education Departments and education stakeholders.  
  • The CPTD Management System will be made available to all educators whether state-employed, employed by School Governing Bodies, or employed by independent schools. 


Our commitment to information privacy:

  • At All4Metamorph, the collection and processing of your personal information is important to us. We are committed to handling your personal information in the right way, for the right reasons.
  • Click here for our POPIA manual.
  • You are welcome to contact All4Metamorph on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you require any more information regarding our POPIA and PAIA compliance.